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Luis A. Fagtron is some guido-spic hybrid from Brooklyn, New York that was born on December 17th, 1993.

He is the biggest retard of the group, but as he always says, "DAYUM I LOOK GUD". However, being he never bought a bass as was promised, he thus was never an official member of the band.

Smarts never mattered to Luis as much as his looks, which is why Luis frequently participates in drug parties. Little does he know that drugs will have a major physical impact on him. Fucking dipshit.

He has been friends with Chris and Mitchel for quite some time now. The only use they see him for is for being the drug-addicted pretty boy of the group that has absolutely NO TALENT at all with musical instruments. Not even the triangle. He will most likely die at a young age because of alcohol and drug abuse.

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